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Middle School Leader - Field Staff

Middle School Leader
Ongoing for 3 hours
Raspberry Campus
Team Member
Vetting Student Ministries

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Reducing the Risk/Code of Ethics 

No ministry can guarantee the safety of every person, but by identifying and intentionally addressing key factors
we can reduce the risk for those who are vulnerable. 

Risk Factor #1 – Isolation - Risk increases as isolation increases
  • Be mindful of your environment
    • Stay in populated areas – stay out of unoccupied and/or private areas of the building not easily viewed by others.     
  • Risk increases with opportunity
    • Limit opportunity; stay in group settings; keep doors open; never be alone with a child.
    • Do not meet with children outside of normal meeting time and place.
Risk Factor #2 – Accountability
  • Risk increases as accountability decreases
  • Number of people present
    • Never be alone with a child; have more than one approved volunteer in the area at all times.
  • Stay in contact with staff ministry leader and/or lead volunteer
    • Relay any information concerning any incident, need for discipline, or lack of approved volunteers in your area to your staff ministry leader and/or lead volunteer as soon as possible.
Risk Factor #3 – Power and Control
  • Risk increases when an imbalance of power, authority, influence, and control exists between a potential abuser and a potential victim.
    • To aid in maintaining balance, make sure you have another approved volunteer in the area with you in the presence of children.
    • Be aware of the fact that the words you use are powerful – be mindful of not only what you say, but how you say it.
    • Let staff ministry leaders handle discipline and notify them of situations you are uncomfortable with or uncertain about.
    • Follow policy for taking a child to the restroom, never alone, as established for your ministry area.
*I understand these risk factors and I agree to follow these guidelines in working with anyone where I'm in a position of authority or with individuals who are vulnerable.
*Have you engaged in any conduct that would be regarded as criminal child abuse or neglect?
*Have you been exposed to an incident of child abuse or neglect?
*Are there any felony charges currently pending against you?
*Do you have any contagious disease, health issue, or history of emotional illness that would currently place children, other workers or yourself at risk?
*Do you have any reason to believe that a background check would disclose any information that would suggest that you not serve with children or students?
*Please select the area of Ministry you will be serving with from the drop down.
*I have truthfully answered the code of ethics questions and will provide additional information, if requested, for any "yes" response. (Please enter name)